Sexiest Woman Alive in Asia..!

Katrina Kaif , Damsel Queen ruling the roost in Bollywood for the past one year or so.This long legged beauty is sure a great hindrance in the sleep of most youngsters if not at least to me.What makes her so special. I am still in the process of discovery of it.
I remember her, seeing the first time in the movie "Sarkar" just fitting the bill for her role.Ofcourse that is not her first silver screen appearance but that was when I noticed her where then she had a strong english accent to her hindi.For which she was really criticized hardly and I too adhered it that time.Next was "Partner" where she really impressed me with her Barbie doll looks and the most cutest smile I have ever seen.
Then came the racy movie with Saif where with her glam doll image pushed me to the edge.Then on I was really onto her, grasping every shows she was in and reading to some tinsel town news about hers.Indeed she redefined the word "Bubbly" that was predefined by the pretty "Priety Zinta".
From then on she was on my laptop wallpaper,my bedroom poster and even became the first I read about in fashion or film magazines.
But then I had no idea about her relationship with Sallu Bhai.Still I believed that was all bits and pieces of the stardom to be linked up with someone of the opposite sex, until I watched the Karan Johar's coffee table chat where she was partnering Lara Dutta for that episode.She in no way let down Salman Khan for the questions and pranks played at her in the Karan's way.
Whatever may be , my pulse rises and I get beefed up whenever I see her songs, posters ,interviews and promos for her endorsements.In other words I would say I am in pursuit of an impossible love.

I was not so sure of the saying "A door surely opens before one shuts".Yes, I discovered a look-alike Katrina Kaif just very recently whom I have been eyeing for months.I can feel the thousand butterflies on my stomach on the verge to fly.Is this really a side effect of the love bug..? I am really confused...!!


vignesh venkat said...

heyi... nice da... this blog shows ur deep love towards both katrina
i guess this blog is ur first love letter ;)

Muthu said...

ye kalakirukka.. This is the best way for expressing your love da:)